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Bonding Specialist

Barbara K. Galbreath, DMD

General Dentistry located in Hartford, CT

Chipped or cracked teeth can make you self-conscious about your smile. Dental bonding is an effective option to repair tooth damage. At her practice in Hartford, Connecticut, Barbara K. Galbreath, DMD, uses bonding to fix a variety of dental issues. Bonding alters the appearance of your teeth to correct any cracks or discoloration. If you’re ready to fix your teeth, the team at Barbara K. Galbreath, DMD, can provide the expert care you need. Call the office today or book an appointment online.

Bonding Q & A

What is bonding?

Bonding uses a tooth-colored resin to repair the surface of damaged teeth. The resin can help close gaps between teeth, make your teeth appear longer, and seal broken teeth. Bonding provides your teeth with a uniform, natural appearance.

Most patients can complete their bonding procedure in a single office visit. But if you have severely damaged teeth, Dr. Galbreath may need to perform several different bonding procedures. Bonding is often used along with implants or crowns to fix extensive dental damage.

What dental issues can bonding help correct?

Because bonding is applied to the surface of the tooth, it doesn't treat deep tooth decay or problems affecting your roots or gums. It is best used to correct cosmetic issues that affect the color or shape of your teeth.  

Bonding can help fix:

  • Chips and cracks
  • Discoloration
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Abnormally-shaped teeth

Bonding improves the appearance of your teeth without any artificial-looking side effects. The resin is durable and feels like your natural teeth.  

If you choose to undergo a bonding procedure, you will work with Dr. Galbreath to select a shade of resin that matches your natural teeth.

What happens during a bonding procedure?

During your consultation, Dr. Galbreath examines your teeth to determine which treatment will best meet your needs. If she agrees that bonding is right for you, she'll help you choose the right type of resin. Next, she roughens the surface of your teeth to help the resin adhere to the enamel. She also coats your teeth with a special conditioning liquid.

Once your teeth are ready, she applies the resin. Dr. Galbreath takes her time molding the resin into the right shape. Finally, she uses a special light to harden the resin. She then polishes and trims the resin until it looks like your natural teeth.

Most bonding procedures take less than an hour. If you need to have the procedure performed on several teeth, the process may take longer. Dr. Galbreath and her team will let you know how long your appointment will take.

Damaged or discolored teeth can chip away at your self-confidence. Expert dental care can get you smiling again. Call Barbara K. Galbreath, DMD, today or book an appointment online.